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Best quality, sustainability and good CO2 footprint

The brief:
Development of a standard display concept for marketing a healthy snack for children. The already saturated market of unhealthy products relies on its products’ fun factor and cultivates the image that healthy products are not fun. Freche Freunde are here to prove that the opposite is true. Displays should be used as part of the elaborate marketing concept for conveying this idea to a potential class of customer. The display concept should perfectly reflect the product claim “fun healthy snack”. It was essential to develop a display concept that combines optimum sustainability and low cost, without losing sight of the need for a high-quality display. The company philosophy regarding the smallest possible carbon footprint should also be taken into consideration.

The solution:
A design phase that encompassed scribbles, 3D views and sample preparation resulted in a display that satisfied all of the requirements. The concept is based on just one display that can be used for a wide range of stock thanks to flexibly usable trays. An optional upper tray makes possible higher stocks and therefore a more favourable P&L and can alternatively be used as a gondola head display. The display is made up of a total of just 5 parts. This reduces transport and packaging costs. When developing the display, we took into consideration the customer’s wish that the display be suitable for stocking several times and used the appropriate material qualities. Since only corrugated cardboard materials and environmentally friendly organic offset inks are used, the whole display can be recycled.

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